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Anewyorkthing online dating

I mean, if I worked in a bakery and you came in for breakfast and said, I'd like one of those sandwich rolls, and I'd like it toasted with butter," I wouldn't think twice, but if you just said "buttered roll" like that was a "thing" I'd ask you what you were talking about. I've also never seen (that I can recall) pre-buttered bagels (especially not at a 7-11). Don't tell me you eat untoasted bagels in New York! That said, my preference for eating a buttered roll is in fact toasted - which I would order that way at the griddle of a deli's breakfast counter or coffee shop to go, but could not at a coffee cart as they wouldn't have a way to toast it. As for buttered bagels - bagels are not supposed to be toasted, they're supposed to be as fresh and hot as possible, firm on the outside and chewy on the inside. As such, toasting is for leftover day old bagels, or the "bready" kind of bagels that aren't the right consistency (the usual complaint of a New Yorker getting a bagel outside of NYC).

You can walk in to any 7-11 in the morning and they'll be pre-made on the counter wrapped in plastic wrap right next to the pre-cut and buttered bagels. In fact the picture that goes with the Wikipedia article for kaiser roll is seedless and exactly what I'd expect to be the "buttered roll" in question (with butter, of course), and which is described as "always plain". I love toasted bagels but it'd be unnecessary to toast a really good, hot and fresh bagel.

I'm still not sure what you mean by a roll but not a dinner roll.

I am truely surprised that this is a New York thing.

My sister moved to NC and takes kaiser rolls back with her when she visits.

A proper morning buttered roll to me has to have the poppy seeds.

And if you do mean a kaiser roll like Biggirl suggests, then yes, that would be about as odd as asking for a buttered hamburger bun for breakfast. A buttered roll is as standard a breakfast as, well, as a bagel with butter.

Never thought of it as a NYC thing but maybe it is. (There's been a distressing convergence of consistency between coffee cart bagels and their bread rolls.) They're sold pre-buttered and wrapped in plastic wrap just like the bagels with butter or cream cheese are pre-slathered.

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That's probably a part of this story - it's an on-the-go food sold to pedestrians from non-permanent, outdoor points of sale.

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