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Christian judeo liquidating worldview

Revivals were only a part of the protestant Christian movement and, I believe, held to the same basic tenets. El Americano , 19 October 2005 (UTC) Modern Evangelical Worldview is fairly well presented by Rex Rogers here: It basically follows Michael Whittmer's outline from Heaven Is A Place On Earth, framing our story and our journey around the biblical pattern of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation.This sort of disrespectful cartoonishness would I'm sure be just as offensive if applied to the tenets of the author's own faith as it was doubtless intended to be towards Christians.Basically, the issue here is that this is meant to be an article on Christian *worldview* not denominationalism or sectarianism.I look forward to it being further exanded and improved, but by people who know what a worldview is.I am in agreement with the material the evangelist PSzalapski presented; however, he plagiarized his schematic - Creation, Fall, Redemption - which is the work of the philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd and which the latter published in Dutch in 1935-1936, and then in English in 1953-57 (both of these being philosophical trilogies).

I believe that articles on the worldviews of other major groups should also be a part of Wikipedia if they aren't.

Hope that helps with the direction of the page's overhaul...

at least in giving a source for a Theologically Conservative Evangelical angle.

For example, Marxists/Leninists, secular humanists, and cosmic humanists/new-agers are not one dimensional believes either.

Regarding this article, I agree that it should be divided up, possibly with each major section pointing to a whole article on that division's worldview.

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