Dating 50s u k

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Dating 50s u k

I got this info from an old collector buddy who was in the Air Force during WWII and after. I went thru USAF Basic at Lackland in April-May 1966 and served as a supply man till 1970.

I issued specialized clothing (flight gear, firemans clothes & cold weather gear mostly), so I'm familuar with a lot of this stuff.

Nevertheless, the shirt shows signs of wear: Is there any sign that chevrons were removed?

I agree with Admin as to worn in Japan in 1950s: The red stitching in the collar band above the "Creighton" label is a Japanese laundry mark (probably the shirt owner's name).

This is basically what they had when I went through Lackland AFB in 1968 and it was not a look that inspired esprit de corps: Some USAF uniform histories: which notes: It wasn't until January 1949 when the Air Force adopted its shade 84 blue uniforms; however, most airmen didn't have a set of "blues" hanging in their wall lockers until late 1950.

In the interim, officers wore the Army's "pinks and greens" and airmen wore ODs (olive drab)this one hat badge & collar brass in number 4 are "transition" brass.

I've always had the understanding that the gold cut-out hat emblems were US Army WAC and not USAF, but since these came together, I'm now wondering if the hat emblem is USAF?BTW - Bob, this early USAF thread was an excellent idea!Transitional and Korean War era USAF is one of the most undocumented and underappreciated areas of US military history and collecting. Gary Here is a set of USAF EM collar discs and possible early USAF hat emblem from the late 1940's or early 1950's.I was at SAC missile in the late 60's and because of the security requirements of the missile launch sites it seemed like half of the base personnel were SP's (and the other half were cooks to feed them).Would this have been an enlisted 505 khaki shirt from the 1950's?

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