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[Read: 10 tips to fight fair in love and get closer after a fight] #7 Change your sleeping habits.If your partner’s cheating on you, their sleeping habits may change almost overnight.In fact, it’ll just tear both of you apart from the inside because there’s no more trust in the relationship. There are just two ways to get the nagging worry out of your head.One, you talk about it with your lover and get a convincing answer from them.Of course, sometimes you may be going overboard with your paranoia, especially if you’re rather clingy and insecure to begin with.

[Read: 3 big reasons and 27 excuses behind why men cheat! If that’s happening in your relationship, there’s a good chance your partner’s up to something.

Don’t make it obvious that you’re just spying on them.

Instead, always have a great excuse to walk in unannounced. If your partner is on the computer often, check the computer’s recycle bin often.

They may stay up longer using the excuse of work, or you may catch them sneaking around the house late at night.

Pretend like you’re asleep as soon as you hit the bed, and try to see if your partner’s up to something. And it’s not just late nights you need to think about.

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Take a peek into their cell phone when you get the chance, especially when they’ve put the phone on charge.