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We have gotten very far from the things we were taught as children but now we are starting to believe that our parents werent so foolish after all.This is not to say that women should never under any circumstances call a man but there are some guidelines that certainly should be followed.You have just had your first experience together, he either got really into you on this date or he decided he really didnt like you all that much after all.If you call him first then how will you really know? Now, once he does call you then you have set the precedent to be able to call him in a couple of days if that is what you want to do.Once you become an "item" then you can call him or he can call you.This defines the time when the "chase" has officially ended and he has caught his prey.That is if you are looking to encourage specific feelings in a man.Never Call First This is the oldest golden rule in the book and today many women disagree.

You do not want to appear clingy or needy as these are very unattractive qualities so make sure you limit the amount of calls that are made to him. If you are like many women then you will automatically think that you were in the right.Calling After the First Date This is a really tough one.In one way you may think that you should call to thank him for a nice evening or just to say hello but this is one of the most crucial times to let him call you first.It is true that today no one really sticks to any rules of etiquette where relationships are concerned.Could this be why the divorce rate is as high as it is today?

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In fact there are entire groups of people that do not agree with this but since the beginning of time men have been much more interested in something that is a bit of a challenge than something that comes too easily.

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