Diddy and j lo dating Free adult internet dating

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Diddy and j lo dating

He disconnects, his problems take over.'Rodriguez also enjoyed seeing his partner get pleasure according to Hunter.'I have done it with him. He would rather see me getting pleasure than him get pleasure,' she claimed in the interview.

I’ve been on trips to New York and we’ve not even had sex, he’s just pleased me. It’s just strange.'That is not all either according to Hunter, who said Rodriguez also likes to hear about her interactions with other men and women.'He always wants me to talk about a sexual moment, if it’s a girl I’ve been with…an ex, he wants me to replay the story,' said Hunter.'He likes to be jealous, it turns him on.

Alex Rodriguez is being described as a serial cheater with a penchant for threesomes and rough sex by a woman who claims to have been with the baseball player multiple times over the past six years.

In an interview with the National Enquirer, Lauren Hunter opened about her alleged relationship with the former baseball star, and claimed that he cheats on his current girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.'I don’t think he’s sexually attracted to her. Lo, he’s probably picturing me,' said Lauren Hunter.

Diddy” Combs have been discreet about not bad-mouthing each other since their breakup two years ago. ”It was the first time I was with someone who wasn’t faithful,” J. ”I was in this relationship with Puff where I was totally crying, crazy and going nuts, it really took my whole life in a tailspin.” During Lopez and Combs’ relationship, there were reports that she would hunt him down and knock on hotel room doors looking for him.When she was ultimately unable to make it, the person texted: '[Redacted].Ik I miss you.'They then added: 'Maybe face time tonight.' In another alleged text exchange between the two, a person who Hunter claims is Rodriguez asks if she is free to 'Face time later,' which she responds to by sending a topless photo.And in another exchange, the person who Hunter claims is Rodriguez writes: 'Video video please.Want to see and hear you [redacted] :)'Prior to that request, the individual had also asked if they could Face Time with Hunter after first checking to see that she was 'home alone.''Jennifer is going to be shocked,' said Hunter.

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'She would be an idiot to believe he’d be faithful!