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Event receiver itemupdating beforeproperties

properties is nice little object helps you achive most of the objects you are looking.

Yous should use this object wiseley to achieve the goals you are looking for.

So you have to think alternatives before start validation coding in event handlers.

Event handlers allows you to access all the items in sharepoint object model but not in a straight forward way.

In Event Receivers we have two options: Synchronous and Asynchronous events.

I will advise to use Synchronus events over assynchronus events.Following member of SPItem Event Properties is usefull when you are writing code in Event Handler * After Properties * After Url * Before Properties * Before Url * List Item * User Display Name * User Login Name * Web Url * Open Web() All these properties are usefull but we need to know which is the best place to use thes.First we need to understand the type of event classification in sharepoint.In this post we’ll look at some best practices in working with them.Event Receivers, Before Events & After Events the Item is actually added or updated to the Share Point List.

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occur after the operation runs and Share Point finishes updating the content database.

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