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Longevity and projections are on par with previous versions, but the whole scent is not the same than before." people crying about poorer performance go check out raiders of the lost scent blogpost. It is the best replacement of this, from the niche perfumery. I just purchased a 100 ML and 60 ML 2010 batch: 0BAF. And I paid regular retail price no absurd pricing that you find on e Bay.

i found the 60ml 2009 version online for 63$, i sprayed it on my self, the first 2 days it smells pretty genetic/hard to pick the notes, but after a week of pause then i sprayed it again, and the magic started its work, it was like getting high, or it's like you found the one, kind of high, from the first spray it starts with the caraway and cardamon mixed with lavender, a minimum to non existent citrous vibe then vetiver at the end of it, cedar is almost invisible because it's covered with base notes. It was at the back of the shelves and I went away from the city to find them at some random drug store carrying fragrances.

I say this because it has code BYB02-2, while original indicates BYB02-1 I now have 7 LNDH 5x100 Ml and 2x60 ml 2010 two of them 100 ml and 60ml 2011 two of them 100 ml and 60 ml 2012 one 100 ml 2013 one 100 ml 2016 one 100 ml Only my 2016 is running low at 50% Yes I'm crazy for it like that German fellow (Jeremy) on You Tube lol.

But it is my favorite scent of all time (even the newest I like very much) Now I use a couple sprays of vintage (2010) and compliment it with 4 more sprays with any of 2011-2013 and it works reaaallly well.

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Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l`Homme is a new masculine representative of the house of YSL and it appeared on the market in March 2009.

2011 to 2015 is the same thing which is first reformulation. 2012 is not stronger than 2014 or 2015 is not worse than 2011 like many say.The whole fragrance has apparently been "rearranged".In every stage it appears "rounded", "smoothened", there is no sharp note. But, for the people who need something close, but more sophisticated, they shoud try Amouage Beloved Man. Typing this on my phone so forgive me lol I would say I'm very fortunate.sometimes “fragrances are strange” the ppl who make them.... that one smellt much better to me, and much more "sexy". Having 2 bottles of La Nuit (current formulation) and 2 bottles of Ferragamo F Black, I decided to buy only 1 bottle of Zara Y today at the mall.I've tried smelling this in stores, after reading all of the reviews, but it's clear that it has been formulated beyond recognition to the vintage versions, as this one is just plain meh, and with a lasting power of 1 hour or so. What really blew me away was the LACOSTE PLAY IN RED. I have had several people ask me and since I don't like giving my signature, I tell them that it is in an Italian cologne and I can't read the language on the bottle. I do regret it now because the Y juice is BETTER than the current La Nuit formulation.

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The perfume is announced as one full of contrasts and tensions.

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