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If you have an Android phone, this is where Google Contacts really shines as these groups will show up inside Android Contacts and you can easily view Android Contacts by using these custom groups.

While the Your Friends, Family, and Coworkers group used to be a default group, they are no longer default.

If they don’t match what you see in your Contact Manager, we suggest that you upgrade to a fully supported browser or click standard version in your account.

This brings us to the way the Android Address Book manages contacts which can be troublesome for so many people.

What may look like folders inside Google Contacts are really only lists of Groups.

If you change or add a Group to a Google Contact, it will change the “folder” it appears in.

Outlook stores contacts inside individual Folders and each contact can be labeled with a Category.

If you are an Outlook user and you’re just diving into the world of Google Android, you may find that the way Google manages and thinks about Contacts is a little different from the way Microsoft thinks and manages Contacts.

This post is an attempt to clear things up between the two worlds.

You might think Android would store Android contacts in the same way they store Gmail Contacts using Groups.

But, in actuality Android keeps each address book separate based upon Contact Type and does not merge them together into one main All Contacts group.

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If you make a change to one Bob Smith contact, the other Bob Smith does not update with this change since Outlook sees it as a completely separate record.

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