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In 1820, the Italian greyhound was one of only two toy breeds mentioned in a book about dogs.

The Italian greyhound continued to find favor, reaching her peak during the reign of Queen Victoria.

By the Middle Ages, miniaturized greyhounds could be found throughout southern Europe, but they found special favor with Italian courtiers.

The breed came to England in the 17th century, quickly becoming as popular with nobility there as they had been in their Italian homeland.

September/October has been published on the web site Classic Builders: Additional material added to Jack Hearne page Cambridge Lightweight News, Edition 70.

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The Italian greyhound has been around for many centuries, but exactly how and when this miniaturized greyhound was developed has been lost in time.

Evidence of dogs resembling the Italian greyhound can be found in art dating nearly 2,000 years ago from Turkey, Greece and other areas around the Mediterranean.

Our cut-off date is around mid-1970 although we have included a few which have a direct historical link back to the period we cover.

Most were older than me as they had been riding pre-war and I think some had bikes that Dennis had ridden in his heyday.

As I did more and more research I began to visualise a book describing Dennis's feats in the decade or so before WWII and I am taking the liberty of promoting the resulting book which is being published by Adrian Bell of Mousehold Press.

Classic time-trial image showing Bryan Curtis of Cambridge Town & County CC on an Ephgrave-built Rory O'Brien with Chater-Lea chainset and pedals, Large-flange Airlite hubs on Fiamme sprints with flint catchers, deep drop bars on long steel stem, stop watch and holder plus the obligatory bell. Image from: Mick Butler 27 December 14 November 12 November 8 November 1 November 23 October 23 October 26 September 7 August 3 July 2 May 1 March 2016 31 December 19 December 13 December 7 December 21 November 13 November 8 November 1 November 9 September 1 September 11 July 3 July 24 June 1 May 29 February 28 January 20 January 11 January14 December 7 December 22 November 10 November 6 November 2 November 20 October 18 October 4 October 31 August 11 August 11 August 4 August 2 August 13 July 7 July 1 July 2 May 5 April 30 March 25 March 20 March 9 March 1 March 24 February 11 February 6 February 30 January 21 January 17 January 12 January 8 January Classic Builders: Addition to the Jack Hearne page by Paul 'Bun' Chapman. January/February has been published on the web site Restoration: Hints and Tips: Some tips from Mike Baker.

Restoration: Hints and Tips: A piece on Sturmey ASC levers by Eddie Wallace.

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Since then, the Italian greyhound has risen gradually in popularity and is now enjoying a second renaissance.

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