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Screenupdating vba ppt

I can link into my with no problems and play, however, sometimes ppt does not open up the file, when I right-click on the link I get a "movie not loaded..."? -----Original Message----- From: Doug [mailto:[email protected]] Posted At: April 13, 2004 AM Posted To: microsoft.public.outlook Conversation: Lost my colors when going back ... These emails were first sent almost over 18 months ago. It had a trail version of Office 2007 which had outlook.

Power Point seems to like WMV format the best, but that is not a guarantee that it will play. SWF files in PPT 2007I am using Adobe Captivate 4 to create files. I go into the Shockwave properties and change Embed Movie from "False" to "True" but once I move the file it does not play. I don't know about the "movie not loaded," but I do know that embedding SWFs won't work in PPT 2007. Now that I am back on Outllok 2000 (because that is what the rest of the company uses) I would love to find an add-in or something that would give me the ability to color code my calander events once again. Lost in black and white, Doug There aren't any that I'm aware of. These were Personal Folders originally linked to actual PST files. Zoom Problems in Excel 2002When viewing a speadsheet at 50% or 75%, the number 1 does not line up properly in the column with the other numbers. For those who feel compelled to ask the question, here's the answer.. Exchange 2000, sends emails automatically after each restart! Everytime it will send a couple of emails to the same external recipients. Outlook 2003 error I got reburish PC from microcenter.

Changing background color in the Inbox in Outlook 2003Hello, can you change the background color of the Inbox from white to say light blue? In one occasion, I timed Outlook to see how long it took to open and it took over 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

It appears that the Win API calls don't have any effect, but don't error either.

I made a Powerpoint Add In including a macro which enables you to write e.g. View Type = pp View Handout Master Active Presentation. Is there a way to change this to use the standard as the default?

a disclaimer text in a renamed shape present in all three Masters.

Power Point's got no business messing with it, and I'm glad we were able to sort THAT out. Text = str Notify End With End With ' Handout Master With . Regards and again many thanks for your suggestions Antoine "Steve Rindsberg" I can not see add task in scheduled task in win server 2003Hi, i have a problem with scheduled task in windows 2003 sd. I usually am....) Google is your Friend Email address deliberately false to av... At this point I cnanot access other e-mail accounts other than the Default one which appears everytime I open Outlook. Thomas Do you have Outlook 2000 configured in Internet Mail ...

Twinkling is a job for little stars and christmas lights and the occasional eye. Anyway because there is no Screen Updating in PPT the pp View Print Preview does exactly the same. Even the Login window appears and I enter the login info, it still stays with the Default Inbox.

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