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Set in the White City’s North, a former port with a fascinating history now serves as a social and entertainment hub for the city and a great place to visit for free.You can find a wonderful farmers’ market located in the middle, along with multitudes of weekend attractions, street entertainers, people-watching opportunities and plenty of eating and drinking venues.Some beaches to look out for are Banana Beach, Frishman Beach, and Gordon Beach.

It is no secret that Tel Aviv is a dynamic city brimming with interesting things to do, and some of the best activities don’t require spending a single shekel.

It runs through Old Jaffa, and travels through the Flea Market, the Old City area and even some of the city’s archeological sites, culminating with a visit to the beautiful Hapisga Garden.

Travelers of a scholarly persuasion can line up for the Tel Aviv University tour, held every Monday at 11am.

Tel Aviv is lined with eight distinct beaches, each with a different personality and cultural scene.

You can watch the day go past, and enjoy the sun setting over Tel Aviv.

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Yet the Old City is not just a place with an inspiring and multilayered history – it is also a hub for designers and artists to carve out their galleries and studios in the ancient city walls.