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Who is jo de la rosa dating now

Will Jeffries) Danny Pino (Scotty Valens) Premiered September 28th, 2003. © 2003-2010 Talie, have-dog-will-travel productions | make contact This site has no official affiliation with "Cold Case," CBS or anything otherwise related to the show, its cast or crew.Meanwhile, Lilly's troubled sister shows up, but Lilly refuses her dad's request to give her a second chance.During the inquiry, Lilly becomes attracted to a FBI agent working the case.Meanwhile, Vera helps his former girlfriend locate jewelry stolen from her home.The victim was killed on his team's home rink the night the U. hockey team defeated the Soviet Union in the Olympic Games.

Meanwhile, Jeffries attempts to solve a murder involving a teenage girl that has haunted him for 17 years. :: 701 "THE CROSSING" [NEW - 7TH SEASON PREMIERE] The team investigates the 1966 shipboard murder of a young woman traveling in steerage on a luxury ocean liner who was first believed to have committed suicide by jumping overboard.Meanwhile, the trial of a military academy official who attempted to harm Lilly begins.Meanwhile, new details emerge about the person who mugged Valen's mother; and Lilly faces additional legal hurdles thrown her way by Moe. :: 703 "JURISPRUDENCE" [R] The 2004 murder of a teen at a juvenile detention center is investigated.

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The boy was wrongly sent to the facility and was killed before Valens could get him released.